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Who Needs Coffee…?!

People ask me what life is like out with the dogs….my answer…depends on the time of day! I have not been a morning person but I am now. I am confident a majority of our canine friends are also morning people. Energy is always high during the morning run, because our guests are well rested, bladders are full, and there is a pack of furry friends ready to start the day.

I forget sometimes that they are by nature… pack animals. They love to be with their own kind instinctively.

Instinct is key in our world. You have to accept, embrace, and understand each dogs specific breed instinct. But that big topic is for another day :0)

It is fun to watch our under-socialized guests be reminded they love to be together. Even if it takes a day or two.

Forget coffee! Just a morning with a bunch of happy dogs is all anyone really needs to start their day.

— Just Krista

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The beginning of now…

Sitting here I am not sure where to start or end. I have dog hair on my shirt and my shoes clearly have to be left outside. Who knows what is on the bottom of them? Ten years ago—ask any of my family and friends if they thought a dog kennel was in my future. NO WAY would have been the answer. I lived in an upscale neighborhood. White Egyptian cotton sheets were on the beds, and I vacuumed my car out every Saturday. At the time I just had three busy kids…classic suburban mom. Life was pretty easy.

I broke down and got a dog for my young kids. I was that mom that was NEVER going to have pets in the house. But they were good kids so I felt they earned the responsibility.

Then came Rose…our Yorkie.

I wasn’t prepared for what dogs can do to our hearts. I really hadn’t experienced that before.

But that was the beginning of …now.

–Just Krista

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