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Little Girls…Little Dogs…Lots of Love!

We rarely let our two youngest daughters join us in the dog run.

Big, rambunctious dogs are not a good fit for little people.

But on a busy week like this we are able to keep all the little dogs separate. My little girls jumped at the chance to help us tonight.

We love how dogs make our kids feel….Just Loved!  You can’t pay money for that feeling. I wish all kids could have the constant opportunity to feel unconditional love.

Thanks Penny for giving my Olivia kisses!

–Just Krista

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Spring Break…Thursday

Not much to add to this video. It speaks for itself!

We just love our work!


Keep dogs happy…that is the goal. Love, exercise, food and a clean place to sleep.

Happy to do it!

–Just Krista


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Yes, We Do Look Like Our Dogs…Sometimes.

I know people say that sometimes their dogs look like their owners. That is true.

They look like famous people too.

Michael Richards as Kramer

Michael Richards as Kramer

Derek and I are Seinfeld fans…in a big way.

Back in the 90’s we would set our evening aside to watch the latest Seinfeld episode. Even now, we watch a Seinfeld to wind down before we go to sleep. That show had some unforgettable characters.

KRAMER…one of our favorites. He just has this look that is very funny and distinctive.

If you believe in reincarnation, It would cross my mind that Kramer came back as Augie, the dog.

Augie...The Adorable.

Augie…The Adorable.

Augie is a labradoodle.

Augie is one of the sweetest animals we take care of…but he clearly is known for his crimped ears and his delightful fuzzy hairdo.

How can you not love that look?!

We love to have Augie around.  He is one of those dogs that run away with your heart. He has some nerve damage in one of his front paws.

He is unable to use that leg.

I find it interesting that dogs really don’t understand the word disability. I am sure it is not in their vocabulary.

He is right out there running with the best of them. If you watch him for a while he honestly doesn’t pay any attention to his front paw.

Dogs simply decide to adjust. I wish we humans could learn that skill. I think if we followed Augies example, we would all be happier.

Adjustment….sometimes it is that easy!

–Just Krista


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Spring Crazy…Tuesday!

Okay, we woke up a bit tired today….but it didn’t take to long to jump into the spirit of some good ole’  fashioned ball fun.

I could really use some help on my right arm pitching but I don’t think my team really cares. As long as I am doing my best…right ?! We are out 4 times a day (an hour each time)…doing just this…playing with our furry guests.

Exercise is key to a good kennel experience! We make sure every four legged friend gets out and enjoys time stretching their legs.


Colin and Madelyn are on baby dog duty. I appreciate that they get right down with them and love them up. Nothing is better than soaking in  all that attention…same for the dogs too. :0)


How can you not smile?!  Kennel full 5 days and counting…We are so blessed!

–Just Krista

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Spring Crazy!…Monday

Spring break is not the same for us at Reynolds Kennels. The word “break” should be changed to CRAZY.

Madelyn with Homer and Shasta

While our clients are out soaking in the sun or hunting for snow, we are filledl to the brim.

I love these busy times.

We get to see all of our staff often. Dog energy is high. We go to bed tired and happy. (just like our dogs)

Our spirits are fed with your dogs unconditional  love. Our young staff  learns the meaning of hard work. Our clients know that their dogs are having fun.

I dropped off my youngest children at their gymnastics camp this morning. I couldn’t help but think all of our kennel guests are at their camp as well.

They get to be in a “dog park” four times a day. Mixing and socializing with our great staff.

More important, they mix with each other. Dogs love to be with their own kind.

Just imagine how your heart melts when your dog is waiting to greet you at the door….times that by 50!

I’m going to post a glimpse of our world everyday this week. Enjoy! We are. :0)

–Just Krista


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Our Zoey…Mostly Dog…Part Stinker

The Reynolds Family would not be complete without our own furry family members.


Samantha and Zoey

We currently have two schnoodles in the household. Zoey and Preston. Meet Zoey…

After our Yorkie, Rose passed away, we were not sure if we wanted to stay with the yorkie breed or get something different.We just found out that we were moving to our 6 acres.

We thought a larger breed of dog would be better suited for the move. Our vet had told us about his schnoodles and they peaked our interest.

They are a schnauzer/poodle mix. I know there has been a big “doodle” epidemic the last 5-10 years. Every breed under the sun has been bred with the poodle.We have seen some crazy mixes at the kennel. Beagadoodles, labradoodles, goldensdoodles, cockapoo, morkiepoo, germandoodles, jackapoo, lhasapoo (and my favorite) pekepoo.(sounds a bit nasty :0)  Just to name a few. I know the non-shed factor is the biggest reason, but I have noticed that some breed traits mixed with the poodle are very interesting…and at times conflicting.

Poodles by nature are very people pleasing, obedient, loyal breed. They work hard to gain the affection of their family. They can be very busy and energetic. Of course, they have hair instead of fur.

Schnauzers are stubborn, generally defiant. Super smart. Great hunters and lovers :0) They will “try” to be obedient …only if it doesn’t interrupt their personal agenda.


Zoey trying to sleep

I often see the inner conflict in our Zoey. She clearly is 50/50 in the breed split.

She will catch a smell of a squirrel or bird and is ready to engage in the chase….then I call her back.  The inner poodle surfaces for a moment. I know she wants to do as I ask…but the schnauzer pull is too great. I can see on her face she has two little voices speaking to her. One on each shoulder.

(Angel Poodle Dog) “Zoey, you really want to do what your human mom says. You may get a treat out of this :0)”

(Devil Schnauzer Dog) ” You know you want to attack that animal. The whole neighborhood will think you are soooo cool!!!”

The devil usually wins!

For example:

This is her reaction when I want her to get off my couch.   Zoey likes to sit on the back of my couch. She  is smooshing the top of one of my cushions. It makes me buggy. She knows she is not supposed to be there.

I know we all have dogs that we wonder why we put up with what they do. Scratching walls/doors. Eats food off the table. Chews furniture and clothing. Hides shoes. Digs in the flower beds. Drools on your pants. Runs down the street. Stresses out the cat. Drinks out of the toilet. HAIR EVERYWHERE!!!

I could go on and on and on….but even with all the little buggy things Zoey does, life wouldn’t be the same without her.

–Just Krista

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It’s not Brain Surgery…Or Maybe It Is

So last week was very interesting…

We had this yellow lab dropped of on Wednesday. Trudy is here for “who knows” how long.

The owner had called and asked if the reservation could be a little open ended because she was going in for a “procedure” and she was not sure how long she would be in the hospital. We are happy to adjust as needed.

Kasey and Trudy

On Wednesday the usual 15 minute drop off took almost an hour. She kept starting up new conversations…. then she would have to say goodbye to Trudy…then we would talk again …then she would have to say good bye again… either way, her good bye with Trudy seemed a bit over the top. :0)

Thursday we get a call from the hospital…It was one of the nurses that was attending this gals operation.  She was admitted for brain surgery and has to remain awake during the procedure. She talked the nurses into logging on to our Facebook page so she could watch her dog play during that particular window of time.

She proceeded to give me the time frame and we made sure Trudy was posted (a lot :0) so she could watch her playing with her dog friends.

I have not heard how the operation went…but hopefully we posted Trudy long enough to make her smile while her head was cut open….

–Just Krista

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We were in a Giant Snow Globe

Our northwest snow storm was such a surprise.

Clearly this doesn’t happen to us often…once a year if we are lucky.:0)

People ask us if we keep the dogs in when the weather is “bad”. Nope…we play no matter what the weather.

We just add a few more layers to the several we already have on…and we go out and play.

All weather, is good weather, when it comes to our kennel guests. We actually enjoy the added energy when we have snow on the ground.

You could tell some of our dogs had never experienced all this white fluffy stuff. They were like small children wondering if it is okay to touch it.

Guess what everybody…It is okay to get out there and have a ball. (literally)

So we did!

Thanks Taylor for another great video clip…I hope it snows again soon. We had a blast!

–Just Krista

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