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The Reynolds are business people. One of my friends daughter said one day.

Yes, we are business people. Actually, I like to say we are in the business of serving people.

My 7 year old, Olivia, definitely has her parents strong entrepreneurial streak…even at a young age.

Sunday night we mentioned that on Memorial Day it is a big day for dogs to be picked up.

Olivia announces:

Let’s sell cookies…Kennel Kookies.

Why Not!kookiesale 001

We got out the chocolate chips….some sugar and flour.

Of course, we dug out the secret recipe from Mrs. Claus at the North Pole. She is the expert cookie maker and Reynolds only sell the best cookies. :0)

What I love is Olivia’s attention to detail.

She choose her business location right next to the Reynolds Kennels sign so everyone knew who she was working for and her customers park there to pick up their dogs.

She made a sign not only to hang for the table but one that would sit on the top of the table…just in case her customer stood to close to the table and they couldn’t see that sign anymore.

Samantha contributed the OPEN/CLOSE idea.

Of course, I was quality control with the product…(a couple of tests just to make sure)

Derek coached them on their approach….and we let them do their thing! (Yes, Samantha had a  itch We promise she never touched cookie! ) LOL


Boy, I know they are cute…Admit would be really hard not to buy a Kennel Kookie!

After paying for their product ingredients and a little tithes to serve others…they earned a big 2.50 each!

Excellent first day of business…100% profit margin…1,000,000% smiles and fun.

Watch out business world…Olivia is growing up!

~Just Krista

(Thanks kennel friends for supporting my children)


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Lou…Just look at him now!

This is a very big weekend at the kennel. Memorial Day weekend is the kick off to our busy season.

We love Lou!

Meet Lou.

Last Thursday he was dropped off at our kennel for the first time. His owner is a wonderful lady. Lou was found on the streets of California. They think he is about 3-4 years old and they don’t know much other than that…

She warned me that he is quick to growl and be assertive although he has never actually made contact.

I went ahead and introduced him to a VERY small group. Molly our resident grandma was part of that group. She is our old boxer soul that likes to make sure everyone understands the rules of the land.

Lou was quick to pronounce his stance with some good assertive growls…Molly in return decided to one up him. I decided to be the winner of the noise game.

I let out a nice big scream…holding both of their collars….I won!

It takes a minute for dogs to understand that we are on their team.

My heart always softens for animals that  had to endure who knows what…but because of the past, reactive assumptions is how they are wired.

We take the time to earn their respect, build history, so they can trust that we want them to be safe.

We want them to get out here and play.

The first couple dog runs we kept Lou with just a few select friends. Just look at him now!


You can tell his posture is still very hesitant but he sniffing out those cell phone numbers!The key is his tail. Every dog run that tail wags a little bit more. :0)  He decided that he is going to test the waters with his “almost” friends. Even though, he keeps coming back to check in to make sure he is okay.

Busy holiday weekends are like a social anxiety boot camp.

They get to play four times a day. Twenty-three opportunities during the 4 days to be reminded he is safe.

It is like your parents throwing you out in the deep end in the pool growing up. Sink or swim!

Yes, I was pretty mad at my Dad for tossing me in, but I knew he was a good swimmer…so I knew everything would be alright.

Lou trusts his new family. They will have to continue to renew that trust everyday that he is in their care. What Lou gives back to them is more than enough to keep moving forward as a family.

Dogs know how to forgive easily but most do not forget….it is the forgetting part that I wish we all could be blessed with when it comes to some of our past (not so great) times.

We are happy for Lou and the bright future he has in front of him.  We were thankful we were trusted to watch his tail wag.

~Just Krista






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Just a quick pause for a couple weeks…

Just wanted to let you know I will be out of town for the next couple weeks. I hope to experience some good dog stories in my travels.
I’m sure they have dogs in New Zealand :0)
But maybe not… :0)
See you all soon!
-Just Krista

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It’s All About Teeth!

We give tours here at Reynolds kennels. People want to see what a typical day is for Reynolds Kennels.

Most make an appointment . But there are those who like to drop in unannounced because they don’t want us to plan for them.

Is it clean? Are the dogs being treated well? Is everyone happy to be here?

They all declare they want to see where the dogs will sleep…We ALWAYS show them.

I’m VERY proud of my teeth!

Then they comment before leaving, “If you would not have shown us the kennel…we would not have booked!”

Many kennels don’t want you to see the back areas…just for that reason. They are not kept clean.

I have a very clean kennel!

A tour I had yesterday was a little different…

The gal got out of her car.

She was just what I expected from our conversation on the phone. A upper middle class lady. Her dog is her child. Up to date on all the fashions…Her 4 inch heels spoke volumes.

I showed her through the dog kennel.

She showed me pictures of her dog.

She wobbled around the property in those shoes.

Then she said something interesting to me…” I am happy with everything you do here. I knew this was a good place because you have all your teeth.”

Then she went on to say, “You and your family are not what I expected.”

I was a little taken back but I just laughed. But I have been processing her comment all day.

What I think she meant was…” I’m surprised white collar people have chosen a blue collar world.”

I’m going to think about this one for a while.

-Just Krista

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