Success is… these Wonderful People!

The Whole Reynolds Kennels Gang!

The Whole Reynolds Kennels Gang!

I know that success in every business is dependent on who works at the establishments.

I’ll tell you…it is not easy what we do here at Reynolds Kennels. We have had several come to work for us that realize quickly that your love of animals need to be fairly deep. Working with so many different kinds of dogs…taking care of their needs…is not for the faint of heart.

This wonderful group of people is the center of the love we have for the dogs we care for. Only a handful of them have worked for us less than a year. Majority of them are at least 3-6 years of service. Why?! Because they love what they do!

I was able to snap this picture at the Reynolds Kennels holiday party last week. We rarely have everyone in the same room together. When we work together….a few are in the dog run playing, others are on clean up duty. A couple people are putting breakfast or dinners together…or we have someone up front helping with the drop offs or pick ups.  This group is like a well oiled machine.

Derek and I are so grateful for the wonderful people that carefully do their job.

Our kennel is full at the holiday season….we are full of gratitude for such wonderful people that help.

Thanks…Julie, Spencer, Tanner, Sharla, Collin, Shane, Ryan, Morgan, Alyssa, Ella, Lauren, Savannah and Colton

~Just Krista

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2 thoughts on “Success is… these Wonderful People!

  1. You have formed the perfect “company” with most basic of all business philosophies, Good, dedicated people who enjoy their jobs and who they work for and “management” that appreciates those people for what they contribute and their attitude (everyone’s “positive” attitude contributes to make the whole). And, Heavenly Father’s will, grace, love, peace and service, which very few textbooks when I was taking graduate management classes, would even mention into the perfect corporate model. Maybe I’ll write a book on the perfect company environment with your accomplishments as the foundation (don’t wait for it)

    Also, I am ashamed to say I can only make out Spencer and Tanner (but they are both tall). I’m sorry that I can’t make out anyone else, but maybe I don’t know them as well or they have grown into women and I missed it.. Please don’t take any offence, my eye’s just aren’t as good as they used to be now that I’m a senior citizen (NOT).

    All of you are a great gift to each other, nurture the experience and learn from each other. Kirsta, you and Derek are exceptional people in many ways. Please continue the great work you have started. It’s good for you too, but I suspect you know and realize that.

    • Vickie you are so darling! Thanks for all the sweet words. We miss bumping into you and visiting. We hope you are doing well on your adventures.

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