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Wishing for Snow…Sometimes.

Not sure why…. but today I miss the snow of my growing up years. Being raised in Utah that just is part of your everyday life.

I was reminded about a video I posted a couple years ago. Taylor did such a great job capturing the snow fun.

It doesn’t happen often but the dogs love it.

Our Kennel has changed so much since then….We love our new building and our staff.

Thanks Taylor for the great memory :0)

~Just Krista

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I’m Boarding My Mom

My daughter Ella was helping a client last week. She was dropping off her dog because she is headed out on a vacation. We love to hear about where are clients are going. The adventures they are experiencing.

Then, she started talking about where her mom was going to stay while she is gone.

She takes care of her mother and their is no family close to care for her properly…so she is dropping her mom off at a care facility.

She is boarding her mom too! :0)

I have to admit, I don’t think I have ever heard of anyone doing this before. Dropping an elderly parent off somewhere while they head out on vacation.

I’m sure people do it. It is a responsible decision.ldydog

I know so many people/friends that have literally put their lives on hold to care for their aging parents during the golden stages of their lives. It can be all consuming and emotionally draining. I have watched many people post pone trips and job promotions for their parents.

Truthfully, when this story was told, I couldn’t help but picture a darling little lady in a human kennel…just for a split second.

I love spending time with the older generation. The stories that have transpired the last century are amazing. I shutter to think what my great grand kids will think of the way we live now.


I’m sure I will hear that a few times I’m sure.

I just hope where ever this little lady isĀ  this week gives her a treat a couple times a day.

Even better…I hope she gets to play with their new friends at least 4 times a day like our clients do!

~Just Krista

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Little Girls and Little Dogs…(Deep sigh)

Just a quick share today.

I took this picture of my Samantha in the dog run a few days ago. She has been my most dedicated worker (of my own kids) over the last couple of weeks. So dedicated, she would often come out and wait close to an hour for the dog run to begin.


That is Tilly she is holding…a sweet firecracker of a dog. Samantha took an active responsibility with our little dogs this year. We often caught her mediating conversations between them. Just like on the playground at her school, she wants to make sure everyone has a friend. This morning she asked me if she could become a “real” kennel worker. I’m pretty confident that we can put her on the payroll in the future.

Nothing warms my heart than a young person that isn’t scared of a little hard work.

~Just Krista

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