Grand daughters and Grand dogs

You wake up one day and life hands you little blessings. I just had to quickly share…

It really is true about the grand parent thing. norahgracie1

My first grandbaby arrived in October. That was a moment for me that will go down in the books as one of the greatest highlights of our life. She is both of her parents wrapped up in pink. Norah has already revealed her stubborn side in her 4 month little way.

I have loved moving into “Nonie” land.

But what I didn’t expect was turning into a dog grandparent was just as fun.   I haven’t had the actual experience of being a dogs grandparent until Gracie Lou  joined the scene. IMG_7308

I knew our daughter Madelyn would get a dog the moment she had a house and the means to take care of it properly. Done!

Being the grandparent to both Norah and Gracie is one of the best perks….

Love them… then send them home!

~Just Krista


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Quiet snowball making… with Leo.

No surprise that we got dumped with snow this week. About 6:15 am we heard a loud POP! We had 4 trees total fall on our property. One landed on the power line connected to the kennel. Our dog run at 7:00 required us to wear head lamps until the sun helped us out.

My son Spencer kept pegging me with snowballs. I’d be actively looking for our morning canine deposits before they were lost in the white powder… then I would feel yet another peg hit my shoulder or back.

Get serious Spencer!

That’s exactly what he did.

Out of the corner of my eye I see him making a nice big snowball for his mother.

Leo, was helping him smooth it out!

Well, he was definitely trying to get Spencer’s attention.They worked on it for several minutes getting it to a nice “this is going to hurt” size.

It wasn’t to long before that snowball was headed my way or at least Spencer tried.

Leo is one of the kindest dogs. I’m not sure why golden retrievers are so people oriented. Always ready to snuggle right up and be a friend.  This morning dog run was just fun to watch the dogs enjoy the snow…just because… it doesn’t come very often here.

~Just Krista

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Madelyn and Mowgli

My oldest daughter Madelyn decided to take my sewing machine home a couple months ago.I didn’t expect to see such a wonderful gift when this beautiful quilt was given to me on Christmas morning.

Made of all the scraps of fabric that I had left over from my quilt making days.

It used to be therapy for me to sit and cut squares and triangles to sew together. Especially when I had lots of little children at home. I admit I am a teenage mom…young children were hard for me. So…time spent with color and quiet meant a lot.

Mowgli joined our family in April after we lost our beloved Zoey.

Preston (and the rest of us) needed a new little dog around.

Mowgli has been a joy and a stinker all rolled into one.

mowgliquiltI’m sure you can tell from his face that he enjoys causing a bit of trouble. His favorite activity is to drag items all over the house. I’m never quite sure where one my shoes are…and I now have to check the area for my daughters underwear before I will answer the front door.

But seeing him wrapped up in my new gift was… a gift to me.

A quick reminder that dogs bring joy and love to our lives without saying a word.

~Just Krista


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Wishing for Snow…Sometimes.

Not sure why…. but today I miss the snow of my growing up years. Being raised in Utah that just is part of your everyday life.

I was reminded about a video I posted a couple years ago. Taylor did such a great job capturing the snow fun.

It doesn’t happen often but the dogs love it.

Our Kennel has changed so much since then….We love our new building and our staff.

Thanks Taylor for the great memory :0)

~Just Krista

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I’m Boarding My Mom

My daughter Ella was helping a client last week. She was dropping off her dog because she is headed out on a vacation. We love to hear about where are clients are going. The adventures they are experiencing.

Then, she started talking about where her mom was going to stay while she is gone.

She takes care of her mother and their is no family close to care for her properly…so she is dropping her mom off at a care facility.

She is boarding her mom too! :0)

I have to admit, I don’t think I have ever heard of anyone doing this before. Dropping an elderly parent off somewhere while they head out on vacation.

I’m sure people do it. It is a responsible decision.ldydog

I know so many people/friends that have literally put their lives on hold to care for their aging parents during the golden stages of their lives. It can be all consuming and emotionally draining. I have watched many people post pone trips and job promotions for their parents.

Truthfully, when this story was told, I couldn’t help but picture a darling little lady in a human kennel…just for a split second.

I love spending time with the older generation. The stories that have transpired the last century are amazing. I shutter to think what my great grand kids will think of the way we live now.


I’m sure I will hear that a few times I’m sure.

I just hope where ever this little lady is  this week gives her a treat a couple times a day.

Even better…I hope she gets to play with their new friends at least 4 times a day like our clients do!

~Just Krista

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Success is… these Wonderful People!

The Whole Reynolds Kennels Gang!

The Whole Reynolds Kennels Gang!

I know that success in every business is dependent on who works at the establishments.

I’ll tell you…it is not easy what we do here at Reynolds Kennels. We have had several come to work for us that realize quickly that your love of animals need to be fairly deep. Working with so many different kinds of dogs…taking care of their needs…is not for the faint of heart.

This wonderful group of people is the center of the love we have for the dogs we care for. Only a handful of them have worked for us less than a year. Majority of them are at least 3-6 years of service. Why?! Because they love what they do!

I was able to snap this picture at the Reynolds Kennels holiday party last week. We rarely have everyone in the same room together. When we work together….a few are in the dog run playing, others are on clean up duty. A couple people are putting breakfast or dinners together…or we have someone up front helping with the drop offs or pick ups.  This group is like a well oiled machine.

Derek and I are so grateful for the wonderful people that carefully do their job.

Our kennel is full at the holiday season….we are full of gratitude for such wonderful people that help.

Thanks…Julie, Spencer, Tanner, Sharla, Collin, Shane, Ryan, Morgan, Alyssa, Ella, Lauren, Savannah and Colton

~Just Krista

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Purpose For Christmas

My two little ones a couple night ago reminded me of Mrs. Clauses Chocolate Chip cooke recipe. It is one of the best I have tasted. Not sure why… but it just does.

Olivia wondered if our kennel clients would be interested in free cookies and hot chocolate for the holidays….of course they would!

We decided to take it one step further though.IMG_1823

Christmas is a time of giving.

It makes us all feel the spirit of Christ at this time of year.

My girls decided to give but if our clients wanted to donate some spare change, they would donate all of their money to the Oregon Dog Rescue located here in Tualatin.

I am thrilled that they like to think outside of themselves. I’m happy they think about the animals that don’t have homes.

Feel free to drop by and enjoy a cookie and hot chocolate…donating is optional :0)

~Just Krista

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Canine Comfort…Helps Fight Cancer!

Just a few short weeks ago, I received a text from a very good friend of mine.

“Sorry, I can’t come over today. I found out last night I have ovarian cancer”

Tears don’t often well up in my eyes but that is what immediately happened.


Dani holding Tipo after his spa day!

Danise Daffer is fighting cancer. Stage 4 cancer to be exact.

Dani is one of those delightful people that you can’t find a bad word to say about her.

I’m trying right now to think of one…NOPE… can’t think of one!

She is always willing to pitch in to help with anyone in need.

She is energizer bunny type.

Of course, She loves dogs!

She just finished her second round of Chemo.

It has not been an easy road.

She can barely keep any food in her stomach. Walking short distances just wears her out.

Luckily, she has her little pooches to comfort her along the way.

Three little Chihuahuas.

I’ve know Dani for years and these dogs were old when I met her.

I think they are all about 12-15 years old now.

Yesterday, she asked if we would give Tipo a spa day.

Of course we were happy to help out.


Tipo after his bubble bath

Tipo is the old man of the group. His hips don’t work very well…but the chihuahua spunk is still very much alive!

Julie gave him the super bubble treatment. Wash, rinse and repeat.

She massaged that little body until you could almost hear a cats purr :0)

After some nail clipping and a bit of gland squishing….it was off to the blow dryer.

Tipo was very good and maintained conversation during his pamper time.

I’m sure if he could speak English, his barking would have been informing us of how life was in the good ole’ days.

How he has a right to be a bit grouchy….Because he is old!!

I’m sure he was also expressing the concern he is sensing with his human mom.

Dogs seem know everything about us. Sometimes even before we figure ourselves out.

They are designed to understand our human emotions and struggles.

Dogs are in tune with our spirits.


Danny with fluffy Tipo

We delivered Tipo back to his house yesterday afternoon….whiter and fluffier.

I’m sure VERY relaxed. (if that is possible for a chihuahua)

Dani’s husband, Danny (yes that is true they share the same name) met us at the door.

We can’t forget that Dan may not have cancer in his body..but his fight is just as important.

With a family of seven girls, the last two still in elementary school, Danny has much on his shoulders right now too.

Luckily, they have their family coming in from all over to help.

People in the community and in her church congregation are pitching in.

Dani’s dogs are ready to cuddle her when she is down.

It seems all the important bases are covered.

Now we hope to sit back and watch miracles happen…

I’m a firm believer in miracles!

If anyone else would like to help out in a small way…I just found out that they have set up a “go fund me” account.

http://www.gofundme.com  Then type in “Donating to Dani”

You will see her and pictures of all those beautiful daughters of hers….

I’m sure Tipo and the rest of the Daffer Family would be very grateful.

~Just Krista

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Love the OPEN Sign!

So if it looks like we have a touch of Las Vegas at our kennel….

it is because we have our new sign plugged in!Touch of Vegas

I’ll tell you, if we would have known how much work had to be done to make this moment possible…we would do it all again!

The Reynolds Family likes to work…at least that is what I tell my kids.

We all have major project in our lives. Sometimes just thinking up what is for dinner is a major project.

Thanks to all of you that have supported our family through this major kennel transition.

All these years we have our clients come to drop off or pick up their dogs with our lovely shelter that we have for them….it is gone!

Goodbye :0)

Goodbye Shelter

Here is Derek and Collin taking down the remaining poles. It actually makes me kind of sad to see it go.

It truly represents the new chapter of our families kennel journey.

Julie keeps jumping out of her desk to go meet everyone at their cars….but now we have a great lobby to meet and greet everyone. WEATHER FREE!

Computer just hooked up!

Just plugged in the computers!

Our office is still in the process of being moved over.  Our poor old office has been in collection/exploded mode for that last 6 months…we have stuff everywhere. What a perfect time for us to sift through it all and only bring the important stuff. (red vines and dog treats)

I think a another couple weeks of getting settled and then we will invite everyone over for a look.

We have had lots people tell us to host and open house. They want to see everything.

I think that is a great idea!

This gives me a great excuse to order very cool cupcakes and cookies. I may even get really ambitious and bake my very own dog treats.

I’ll make sure to send out a invite to you all.

We look forward to serving you!

~Just Krista

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My Spencer….this is why we do what we do!


Spencer Reynolds with Willow

Just a quick holiday moment today…but this picture sums up why we do what we do.

This is my son Spencer.

15 years old. Just got his drivers permit.

A classic teenage in this day and age, BUT…

When I see him all cuddled up with one of our furry friends…it tells me he is starting to get it.

Taking care of others (even canine others) brings JOY.

That’s it! That all it needs to be.

Taking care of our furry friends brings so much joy to our family.

We hope you all experience little joys in your families too.

Happy Holidays!

~Just Krista

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