Canine Comfort…Helps Fight Cancer!

Just a few short weeks ago, I received a text from a very good friend of mine.

“Sorry, I can’t come over today. I found out last night I have ovarian cancer”

Tears don’t often well up in my eyes but that is what immediately happened.


Dani holding Tipo after his spa day!

Danise Daffer is fighting cancer. Stage 4 cancer to be exact.

Dani is one of those delightful people that you can’t find a bad word to say about her.

I’m trying right now to think of one…NOPE… can’t think of one!

She is always willing to pitch in to help with anyone in need.

She is energizer bunny type.

Of course, She loves dogs!

She just finished her second round of Chemo.

It has not been an easy road.

She can barely keep any food in her stomach. Walking short distances just wears her out.

Luckily, she has her little pooches to comfort her along the way.

Three little Chihuahuas.

I’ve know Dani for years and these dogs were old when I met her.

I think they are all about 12-15 years old now.

Yesterday, she asked if we would give Tipo a spa day.

Of course we were happy to help out.


Tipo after his bubble bath

Tipo is the old man of the group. His hips don’t work very well…but the chihuahua spunk is still very much alive!

Julie gave him the super bubble treatment. Wash, rinse and repeat.

She massaged that little body until you could almost hear a cats purr :0)

After some nail clipping and a bit of gland squishing….it was off to the blow dryer.

Tipo was very good and maintained conversation during his pamper time.

I’m sure if he could speak English, his barking would have been informing us of how life was in the good ole’ days.

How he has a right to be a bit grouchy….Because he is old!!

I’m sure he was also expressing the concern he is sensing with his human mom.

Dogs seem know everything about us. Sometimes even before we figure ourselves out.

They are designed to understand our human emotions and struggles.

Dogs are in tune with our spirits.


Danny with fluffy Tipo

We delivered Tipo back to his house yesterday afternoon….whiter and fluffier.

I’m sure VERY relaxed. (if that is possible for a chihuahua)

Dani’s husband, Danny (yes that is true they share the same name) met us at the door.

We can’t forget that Dan may not have cancer in his body..but his fight is just as important.

With a family of seven girls, the last two still in elementary school, Danny has much on his shoulders right now too.

Luckily, they have their family coming in from all over to help.

People in the community and in her church congregation are pitching in.

Dani’s dogs are ready to cuddle her when she is down.

It seems all the important bases are covered.

Now we hope to sit back and watch miracles happen…

I’m a firm believer in miracles!

If anyone else would like to help out in a small way…I just found out that they have set up a “go fund me” account.  Then type in “Donating to Dani”

You will see her and pictures of all those beautiful daughters of hers….

I’m sure Tipo and the rest of the Daffer Family would be very grateful.

~Just Krista

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Creative Party Pooper…Literally!

My sister Sharla and I were out putting the dogs to bed tonight.

That last potty break is very important for a good nights sleep…but we have a creative pooper in the house!

Whoever our mystery pooper is must have wanted to display his dinner for all to see.

Just part of all the fun!

I’ll grab the scoop :0)

~Just Krista

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Love the OPEN Sign!

So if it looks like we have a touch of Las Vegas at our kennel….

it is because we have our new sign plugged in!Touch of Vegas

I’ll tell you, if we would have known how much work had to be done to make this moment possible…we would do it all again!

The Reynolds Family likes to work…at least that is what I tell my kids.

We all have major project in our lives. Sometimes just thinking up what is for dinner is a major project.

Thanks to all of you that have supported our family through this major kennel transition.

All these years we have our clients come to drop off or pick up their dogs with our lovely shelter that we have for them….it is gone!

Goodbye :0)

Goodbye Shelter

Here is Derek and Collin taking down the remaining poles. It actually makes me kind of sad to see it go.

It truly represents the new chapter of our families kennel journey.

Julie keeps jumping out of her desk to go meet everyone at their cars….but now we have a great lobby to meet and greet everyone. WEATHER FREE!

Computer just hooked up!

Just plugged in the computers!

Our office is still in the process of being moved over.  Our poor old office has been in collection/exploded mode for that last 6 months…we have stuff everywhere. What a perfect time for us to sift through it all and only bring the important stuff. (red vines and dog treats)

I think a another couple weeks of getting settled and then we will invite everyone over for a look.

We have had lots people tell us to host and open house. They want to see everything.

I think that is a great idea!

This gives me a great excuse to order very cool cupcakes and cookies. I may even get really ambitious and bake my very own dog treats.

I’ll make sure to send out a invite to you all.

We look forward to serving you!

~Just Krista

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Story Time…with Ranger and Hank.

I just finished a bedtime story with Samantha and Olivia. (our two youngest)

I enjoy the down time at the end of the day to just settle down and read.

Not sure why I thought of doing the same thing for one of our kennel guests tonight.

I figure I would take a book out to them and try it.

Olivia choose the book…The Little Puppy.

storytime 010

She thinks they would enjoy a book about about themselves.

I guess it is kind of like we humans check out People magazine to look at other humans. Every time I sit in a doctors office, I seem to always gravitate towards the magazines about people and their so called lives over the Better Homes and Gardens.

Why is that?!

So I went out and gave it a canine reading whirl after our 8:15 evening dog run tonight.

I’m not sure why I thought everyone in the kennel would just quietly lay down and listen right along.

It took them a minute to get over this big person sitting in their space…but after licking my ear off etc. They settled in right at the end.

After all… the story was VERY exciting!

I don’t see a book being the way to go the next time some late night entertainment sounds like a good idea.

I will plan a big screen event staring…. Lassie!

With popcorn and red vines for me…bacon for my friends.

I’m sure these dogs won’t even know who Lassie is…he was WAAYYYY before their time.

Just like me making my kids sit through….Sixteen Candles or The Dukes of Hazard.

Both are classics!

~Just Krista

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Dog Globe…Delightful!

Just wanted to share a delightful Christmas card we got from one of our neighbors…The Krafves!

I LOVE IT!  This one is going to be saved for future display.

It is hard to take all the holiday decorations down each year.

This one will stay on my desk for a little bit longer.

~Just Krista

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There is a light…I can see it….I REALLY CAN! (not kidding)

The building of our kennel has been a long and (at times) painful process. But I don’t think any of us would appreciate the good things in our lives…if life was always easy.

Years ago, we had dogs living in our house with us. We graduated to our old barn. Then we finished out half of our shop…but now…We are in a building that we can be proud of!

jan72015 024

The ole’ drop off tent

Now…I said…

We can see the light at the end of this construction tunnel.

We are not 100% but I wanted to share with you the “almost” pictures. So you can appreciate the new phase in our life.

This is our drop off area. The famous outdoor tent.

I know many of you are going to miss watching us run from the tent down to the kennel to retrieve your furry family member.

Julie is already worried that her lack of sprints down to the kennel is going to force her to up her fitness regiment to compensate for the lack of calorie burning.

She is going to have to cut back on her Red Vines!

The drop off tent has become a Reynolds Kennels landmark. But when the rains and winds are in full force…this tent struggles to do it’s job. But for the most part..we will miss it.

Jan72015 011

Derek showing off his masterpiece…the reception desk.

This is Derek in our (soon to be) reception area.

He built this nice desk with a friend of ours, Randy Trost.  Painting is almost finished and the counter tops will be installed this weekend. We look forward to all of our clients to be able to drop their dogs off with no worries about the rain.

We plan to have Items available to purchase if you happen to have forgotten something at home. Food, blankets, treats etc. Anything to help your dog to have a great stay.

Jan72015 013

Dog areas

We want to give you a glimpse of the kennel rooms.

Their is four of them. We separate the bigger dogs from the smaller ones, but all the rooms are generally the same way. Derek and I had a tough time agreeing on a color…I’m sure the dogs don’t care but I wanted the dogs to feel cozy. Even if I am the only one that feel cozy. I guess that is all right.

The floors are polished and stained concrete. Every room is heated and has air conditioning.

My house doesn’t even have air conditioning!

Sometimes in the summer, it crosses our minds to go “sleep out with the dogs” because they have it better than we do.

Jan72015 022

Food Prep

We have our food prep areas…an of course the LAUNDRY ROOM!!!


Jan72015 023

My Beloved Laundry Room

I am the most excited about the Laundry room. You have no idea how much dog hair and dirt would go through my machines. It would take me a couple empty washes and a vacuum to get the machines ready for human laundry.

It doesn’t take much to make me happy! :0)

Actually, Just looking at this picture makes my eyes swell up with tears of joy! (I’m not just saying that either. )

Our signs are still being ordered and we have a few more fences to rearrange….but we are happy to be ALMOST done.

I will take a video with a kennel tour….when we are officially moved in.

A sneak peak will have to do for now.

I’m heading towards the light….to finish painting. :0)

~Just Krista


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My Spencer….this is why we do what we do!


Spencer Reynolds with Willow

Just a quick holiday moment today…but this picture sums up why we do what we do.

This is my son Spencer.

15 years old. Just got his drivers permit.

A classic teenage in this day and age, BUT…

When I see him all cuddled up with one of our furry friends…it tells me he is starting to get it.

Taking care of others (even canine others) brings JOY.

That’s it! That all it needs to be.

Taking care of our furry friends brings so much joy to our family.

We hope you all experience little joys in your families too.

Happy Holidays!

~Just Krista

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Quiet Dog Talk…is louder than people talk.


I’m Just Darling….says Sidney

I find it interesting that we know that our pets love us…but they have no words.

It has been a great learning experience to watch all of your dogs communicate with my staff and each other. We here at Reynolds Kennels call it dog talk and I have learned to speak it very well.

When we have a client come for the first time, body posture and tail positioning really can help us determine what a dog is feeling.

A waggin’ tail lets us know that our dogs are settled in and are comfortable with their fellow campers. We work hard to get that tail meter to the happy point as soon as possible.

If that means we spend some one on one time to build trust…we do it.

If is means we hang out in their kennel with them to communicate safety…we do it.

If it means we throw a ball 200 times…we will do that too.

What I find the incredible is their lack of words speaks louder than our human words sometimes.

When your dog comes to wake you up and will just sit there and stare at you…”It’s time to get going, it’s a great day.”

The soft tap at the sliding door… ” It is time to let me out!”

The gentle face on your lap at the end of the day… “Need anything?”

The run and greet (with excitement of course)…”I have missed you all day, glad you are home!”

The curl up at your feet under your desk or by the sofa…” I’ll always be here.”

Wouldn’t it be good if we all spoke dog language.

Especially to each other!

~Just Krista

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Rescue is Required…Happy to help!

I know in our world, the word RESCUE carries a lot of heavy meaning.

Reynolds Kennels was approached by a gal from Lake Oswego a couple weeks ago.

Her name is Cheri Tolar.

This gal is on a mission!

She was very excited that her new dog rescue organization “Great Northwest German Sheppard Rescue” just got their non-profit confirmation.

She is ready to start saving lives….German Shepherds lives.

Oregon in general do pretty well with the no kill shelters…however, some of our neighboring states do not.

California being one of them.

Most dogs have 3 days after being dropped off to be adopted before their life ends. Heart breaking!

Cheri came and asked if we could be of assistance in her goal  in saving a few of these great animals lives.


Meet Ranger!

Of course we are happy to assist!!!

Meet Gus and Ranger.

The first two animals that Cheri saved from death.

Gus (we guess) is about 13 months and Ranger is 18 months.

Both delightful!


Gus with his Thumper impersonation.

Spending time with these animals reminds me how important every life is on this earth.

It makes me sad to think both of these animals were hours away from being killed.

I know the wonderful families here in Oregon are ready to care for them.

I know Gus and Ranger will care for their families as well.

Just a couple more canine lives that get to keep living, keep giving…keep making a difference.

We humans are the ones that benefit. :0)

~Just Krista


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Molly is Part of Our Family…Wedding Invite

Whew!…..We made it through this CRAZY SUMMER!

Not only did we have our kennel filled to the brim but our oldest daughter Madelyn got married August 27th.

Yes, engaged in May…married in August.

Whirlwind of JOY :0)

Molly Dressed for a Wedding.

One step of the wedding planning, was compiling the guest list.

That list of  people that have been key in her (and our) life was humbling.

Honestly, that was my favorite part of the planning…being reminded of the wonderful people in our lives.

“What about Molly?” Madelyn asked

Would it be odd to invite dogs that we take care of at our kennel?


Molly has been spending time with us for years. She is our resident queen and clearly lets everyone know her social standing.

She comes 3-5 days a week for day care…and I would say, she (and her owner Ed) have become part of our family.

Raising 5 kids takes lots of different people/dogs to teach all they need to know to succeed in this life.

Dogs are excellent teachers and influences. Often better than human ones.

1 copy

Molly and Ed greeting Tucker and Madelyn.

Unconditional love, respect, hope,work , peace, stability, patience….I could go on and on.

Molly is one of those dogs.

Madelyn had a few dog friends on our list.

I was pleased to see my beautiful (now married) daughter take a moment and pause to recognize who is important in her life.

Human or not.

As I expect now and in the future….the Reynolds kids will have dog friends on all of their wedding lists.

~Just Krista


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