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Everyone likes a Pinata!

I’ll tell you…it has been a rainy down poor here in Tualatin for days! Sometimes I wonder if I need to build an ark of some sort.

The dark has been bugging me… so I thought I would reflect back when the sun was out.

Who doesn’t love a Pinata!

A couple years ago in May, we decided to hold a Golden/ Labrador Retriever play date.

With Cinco de Mayo in the air, we decided to treat our friends to a pinata.

We had no idea how our dogs would react to such a activity.

We stacked a couple bails of hay so we could get some height. Filled a pinata dog with a bunch of different dog treats….and gave it a whirl!

We have done it a few more times since then…just because the dogs seem to have such a blast.

My human kids like to remind me that I have NEVER provided a pinata for them.

Not for birthdays, graduation, holidays….NEVER!

I tell them….”You are more than welcome to join the dogs.” I’ll even throw some human treats in there. :0)

–Just Krista

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