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Molly is Part of Our Family…Wedding Invite

Whew!…..We made it through this CRAZY SUMMER!

Not only did we have our kennel filled to the brim but our oldest daughter Madelyn got married August 27th.

Yes, engaged in May…married in August.

Whirlwind of JOY :0)

Molly Dressed for a Wedding.

One step of the wedding planning, was compiling the guest list.

That list of  people that have been key in her (and our) life was humbling.

Honestly, that was my favorite part of the planning…being reminded of the wonderful people in our lives.

“What about Molly?” Madelyn asked

Would it be odd to invite dogs that we take care of at our kennel?


Molly has been spending time with us for years. She is our resident queen and clearly lets everyone know her social standing.

She comes 3-5 days a week for day care…and I would say, she (and her owner Ed) have become part of our family.

Raising 5 kids takes lots of different people/dogs to teach all they need to know to succeed in this life.

Dogs are excellent teachers and influences. Often better than human ones.

1 copy

Molly and Ed greeting Tucker and Madelyn.

Unconditional love, respect, hope,work , peace, stability, patience….I could go on and on.

Molly is one of those dogs.

Madelyn had a few dog friends on our list.

I was pleased to see my beautiful (now married) daughter take a moment and pause to recognize who is important in her life.

Human or not.

As I expect now and in the future….the Reynolds kids will have dog friends on all of their wedding lists.

~Just Krista


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The Great Day Care Conspiracy

Dramatic theater happens at Reynolds Kennels all the time.

Title: The Great Day Care Conspiracy

Lead Actors : Xavi  (mini aussie) and Millie (border collie)

Supporting cast:  Molly (boxer)  Zoe (chiwauwa mix) Buster (springer spaniel) and Sandy (lab)

(Scene set up)

Another great day care day at Reynolds Kennels. Julie is out playing with our furry friends. Xavi, notices Millie off to the side with something on her mind.

He decides to inquire.

Xavi: Millie, What are you thinking about?

Millie: I just love Julie. She is so wonderful! She plays with us and gives us treats. I just wish I could kiss her all over her face.

Xavi: Why don’t you?

Millie: Because Julie just doesn’t give me the opportunity. (Millie is very sad)

Xavi: (has a bit of a crush on Millie) I’ll take care of that….Millie, you go stand behind her and I will do the rest.

(Xavi calling everyone into a huddle)

Xavi: All right…listen up! I’m going to go and play ball with Julie.

Molly, Buster, Sandy and Zoe create a diversion….then watch my “Kiss Julies’ Face” plan be executed to perfection.

Millie…. you deserve your wish!

(press play below :0)

Julie is key to our family kennels success. Thanks Julie for all your hard work….Our furry friends feel your love for them every day :0)

–Just Krista

Julie and Delker

Julie and Delker

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