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Now You See Them….Now You Don’t!

Every month, money is spent on tennis balls. Some months it is 100 balls worth. Other months (summer) we can go through a few hundred balls. We are also fortunate that some of our clients donate tennis balls too.

Most balls get eaten alive and end up in the trash. Some balls get thrown in the “waste” section and deemed no good! Some get thrown over the fence and a few weeks later we go on a ball hunt and collect the few that we can find.



Barney, the Newfoundland, was in kennel for a couple weeks. He is the kind grandpa type. Very easy going but if those young pups start to get out of hand…he will mosey over and let them know they need to settle down.

 He appreciates a good ball. 

A few weeks ago, I had Ella throw a whole new set in…we needed them after the holiday rush and all the ball were ruined.  It is nice to see all the bright yellow balls in the run. The dogs immediately start to enjoy them.

We clean out all the dogs kennels every morning during breakfast. We like to get in there after a good nights sleep and get all the bits of dirt and fur that comes with having a dog. We place all the bedding back in place and fill up their bowls.

Just another morning…

During the course of the day, I noticed all of our nice new balls were starting to disappear. I figured they were getting dirty and they were blending in with their surroundings. After the 3rd run of the day, It was noticeable that the balls were missing.  I figured I would send Spencer out to collect them from the pasture… where I am sure many balls had been sent.

We love you Barney!

We love you Barney!

The next morning, I was going about my daily cleaning duties….I entered Barneys kennel. He always has a thick pad and a blanket…I picked up the blanket to shake it out…low and behold there were at least 7 balls! He was smuggling in balls and then moving them into the corner of his kennel.

 Breakfast prep finished. I called the dogs in…Barney enters.

I stopped him and made him lift his lips.

Yes, there were two more balls to add to his collection…

 –Just Krista


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Everyone likes a Pinata!

I’ll tell you…it has been a rainy down poor here in Tualatin for days! Sometimes I wonder if I need to build an ark of some sort.

The dark has been bugging me… so I thought I would reflect back when the sun was out.

Who doesn’t love a Pinata!

A couple years ago in May, we decided to hold a Golden/ Labrador Retriever play date.

With Cinco de Mayo in the air, we decided to treat our friends to a pinata.

We had no idea how our dogs would react to such a activity.

We stacked a couple bails of hay so we could get some height. Filled a pinata dog with a bunch of different dog treats….and gave it a whirl!

We have done it a few more times since then…just because the dogs seem to have such a blast.

My human kids like to remind me that I have NEVER provided a pinata for them.

Not for birthdays, graduation, holidays….NEVER!

I tell them….”You are more than welcome to join the dogs.” I’ll even throw some human treats in there. :0)

–Just Krista

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