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Planting Flowers and Raising Flowers. Two different things.

Work, Work and more work is the life on property.

We love to have room to run and have the extra privacy that space gives….but with more space comes more work!

Not just dogs are on our list of  “to dos”. We want our furry guests (and their parents) to come to a beautiful place too.

Flowers are always helpful to accomplish this.

Olivia and Samantha wanted to help with the flowers this year.

We packed up in the car and headed to the nursery.  Little girls love bright and beautiful. They picked orange marigolds and some sort of rosy something. I love their excitement  to add color to our yard.

But… all they wanted to do was plant those flowers. Participation with the weeding and preparing the flower bed was not high on their list.

But I am not the parent that lets any of her kids just do the fun part….they have to help with the hard stuff to enjoy the  fun.

Kids don’t learn how to do hard things anymore. We parents have made life just a bit too comfortable.   I don’t know why my generation choose to forget to teach patience and hard work.

Instant gratification without earning  has become the norm.

When the tough moments of life come (and they will) our children struggle to endure hard things.

Hard work is such a good thing!

Everyone feels great after completing a hard assignment or paying for something with money THEY earned.

That is just what today was going to teach my girls.

We three went to work!

Occasionally, we had to stop to take a snack break. Sometimes we had to refocus.

In the course of the  “hard part” of our project, we got our hands dirty.

Slowly the weeds cleared. Old leaves and twigs were raked. Mole holes were filled.

We were able to talk about little girl concerns.

We even found a worm!

With our faces sun touched, we spread out all the dirt clods and we finished planting our new flowers.

We found that worm a new home.

In my opinion, it turned out beautiful!

Olivia choose the perfect places for all those marigolds and Samantha clearly had dirt under her fingernails.

I know our kennel clients will drive in this summer….maybe notice our flowers….maybe not.

But I know when I see the splash of color in my yard every day…I can smile.

I accomplished (for just a few minutes) just what I choose to do… Raise Flowers!

Little human ones.

~Just Krista



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