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Quiet snowball making… with Leo.

No surprise that we got dumped with snow this week. About 6:15 am we heard a loud POP! We had 4 trees total fall on our property. One landed on the power line connected to the kennel. Our dog run at 7:00 required us to wear head lamps until the sun helped us out.

My son Spencer kept pegging me with snowballs. I’d be actively looking for our morning canine deposits before they were lost in the white powder… then I would feel yet another peg hit my shoulder or back.

Get serious Spencer!

That’s exactly what he did.

Out of the corner of my eye I see him making a nice big snowball for his mother.

Leo, was helping him smooth it out!

Well, he was definitely trying to get Spencer’s attention.They worked on it for several minutes getting it to a nice “this is going to hurt” size.

It wasn’t to long before that snowball was headed my way or at least Spencer tried.

Leo is one of the kindest dogs. I’m not sure why golden retrievers are so people oriented. Always ready to snuggle right up and be a friend.  This morning dog run was just fun to watch the dogs enjoy the snow…just because… it doesn’t come very often here.

~Just Krista

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Everyone likes a Pinata!

I’ll tell you…it has been a rainy down poor here in Tualatin for days! Sometimes I wonder if I need to build an ark of some sort.

The dark has been bugging me… so I thought I would reflect back when the sun was out.

Who doesn’t love a Pinata!

A couple years ago in May, we decided to hold a Golden/ Labrador Retriever play date.

With Cinco de Mayo in the air, we decided to treat our friends to a pinata.

We had no idea how our dogs would react to such a activity.

We stacked a couple bails of hay so we could get some height. Filled a pinata dog with a bunch of different dog treats….and gave it a whirl!

We have done it a few more times since then…just because the dogs seem to have such a blast.

My human kids like to remind me that I have NEVER provided a pinata for them.

Not for birthdays, graduation, holidays….NEVER!

I tell them….”You are more than welcome to join the dogs.” I’ll even throw some human treats in there. :0)

–Just Krista

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