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Just Good Kids… No Matter What!

My niece, Amanda has been staying with us all summer. She is from Utah and she came this summer to work at the kennel.

She loves ALL the dogs!

She has been a joy to have around!

The 8:15pm dog run just ended and our older and wiser staff were talking about Jamba Juice. My niece Amanda whispers to me…”I’ve never been to Jamba Juice.”


Ryan, Corey and Lauren (college, now college and senior in high school) could have easily looked the other way with this young 8th grader…but they didn’t.

It's Jamba Time!

Ryan, Amanda, Lauren and Corey.

They all just loaded in the car and drove to our local Jamba Juice and officially treated Amanda to her first RAZMATAZ (a classic)

I appreciate the friendships our staff have with each other. It warms my heart to see so many good kids do so many good things.

I know Amanda will feel a little older tonight just because she was included with such a mature bunch.

More importantly, their few minutes of time contributed to a young girls self worth.

Thanks for being who you are…Ryan, Corey…and Lauren. You all are priceless.

~Just Krista

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It’s All About Teeth!

We give tours here at Reynolds kennels. People want to see what a typical day is for Reynolds Kennels.

Most make an appointment . But there are those who like to drop in unannounced because they don’t want us to plan for them.

Is it clean? Are the dogs being treated well? Is everyone happy to be here?

They all declare they want to see where the dogs will sleep…We ALWAYS show them.

I’m VERY proud of my teeth!

Then they comment before leaving, “If you would not have shown us the kennel…we would not have booked!”

Many kennels don’t want you to see the back areas…just for that reason. They are not kept clean.

I have a very clean kennel!

A tour I had yesterday was a little different…

The gal got out of her car.

She was just what I expected from our conversation on the phone. A upper middle class lady. Her dog is her child. Up to date on all the fashions…Her 4 inch heels spoke volumes.

I showed her through the dog kennel.

She showed me pictures of her dog.

She wobbled around the property in those shoes.

Then she said something interesting to me…” I am happy with everything you do here. I knew this was a good place because you have all your teeth.”

Then she went on to say, “You and your family are not what I expected.”

I was a little taken back but I just laughed. But I have been processing her comment all day.

What I think she meant was…” I’m surprised white collar people have chosen a blue collar world.”

I’m going to think about this one for a while.

-Just Krista

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Spring Break…Thursday

Not much to add to this video. It speaks for itself!

We just love our work!


Keep dogs happy…that is the goal. Love, exercise, food and a clean place to sleep.

Happy to do it!

–Just Krista


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The Great Day Care Conspiracy

Dramatic theater happens at Reynolds Kennels all the time.

Title: The Great Day Care Conspiracy

Lead Actors : Xavi  (mini aussie) and Millie (border collie)

Supporting cast:  Molly (boxer)  Zoe (chiwauwa mix) Buster (springer spaniel) and Sandy (lab)

(Scene set up)

Another great day care day at Reynolds Kennels. Julie is out playing with our furry friends. Xavi, notices Millie off to the side with something on her mind.

He decides to inquire.

Xavi: Millie, What are you thinking about?

Millie: I just love Julie. She is so wonderful! She plays with us and gives us treats. I just wish I could kiss her all over her face.

Xavi: Why don’t you?

Millie: Because Julie just doesn’t give me the opportunity. (Millie is very sad)

Xavi: (has a bit of a crush on Millie) I’ll take care of that….Millie, you go stand behind her and I will do the rest.

(Xavi calling everyone into a huddle)

Xavi: All right…listen up! I’m going to go and play ball with Julie.

Molly, Buster, Sandy and Zoe create a diversion….then watch my “Kiss Julies’ Face” plan be executed to perfection.

Millie…. you deserve your wish!

(press play below :0)

Julie is key to our family kennels success. Thanks Julie for all your hard work….Our furry friends feel your love for them every day :0)

–Just Krista

Julie and Delker

Julie and Delker

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Introducing….A Day at Reynolds Kennels

Derek Reynolds Family

Derek Reynolds Family

Reynolds Kennels has grown to be a family business that is lucky to have a big group of dog lovers.

Derek and I moved to Oregon in 2000 and love it! We have lived in Tualatin for 14 years.

We have 5 children.

Madelyn 19, Ella 16, Spencer 14, Olivia 7 and Samantha 4. (Sam will be 5 next week)

When we moved to our property 7 years ago, we had no plans to build a kennel to care for our furry friends.

We had 2 dogs of our own. Zoe and Preston. Schnoodles

Our oldest, Madelyn, was 14 at the time. She was asked to care for a couple dogs while their parents were on an extended business trip (37 days). Those two king cavalier spaniels moved right in our house. We had so much fun! Everyone in the house participated in their care.

That was the day Reynolds Kennels was born. From our house, to our old barn, to an upgraded building…soon to our new kennel (January 2015)

Our kennel story is truly the American dream.

I will share more of our kennel stories later…but I want to make sure I include our wonderful staff today.

We are grateful to have Julie, our only other (almost full time) staff member. Along with 12 other teenage dog lovers.

We could not keep our dogs happy without our  wonderful “almost adults”.

David and Nate

There is something about spending time with these young adults, that really makes life special at our kennel. Our canine friends really feel a love from them that is different from adults. Teenagers are out there to have fun!

We have lots of talent on our staff as well. Taylor is one of our current staff members. He not only is great with our dogs but he enjoys filming them. I am in awe of what these kids can to with the technology out there.

Frankly, it often goes over my head.

But when Taylor brought this in to me…I just had to share it with all of you.

I call it…..”A Day at Reynolds Kennels”  That is not very creative but that is exactly what Taylor has captured.

I hope Taylor will keep sharing his talents with us….so I can share them with you!

–Just Krista

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Our Snowy Work of Art….Didn’t last Long

The snow doesn’t fall often here in the Northwest. When it does, the whole town takes a few days off.

Not dogs!  They love the fluffy white stuff.

Our heavy coated dogs seem to get a second wind every 15 minutes when there is a chill in the air.

I don’t blame them! I would not be comfortable wearing a heavy coat 24/7.

Our staff enjoys playing in the snow. Snowmen and forts are common in the dog run areas after a good snow storm.

Today, a snowman was the sculpture of choice.

As you can see….one arm gone….now the other one is gone.

Soon it will be tipped over and flat. With a few happy dogs enjoying the challenge of destruction.

It is all good….It will snow again….someday.  Hopefully soon :0)

–Just Krista

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Who Needs Coffee…?!

People ask me what life is like out with the dogs….my answer…depends on the time of day! I have not been a morning person but I am now. I am confident a majority of our canine friends are also morning people. Energy is always high during the morning run, because our guests are well rested, bladders are full, and there is a pack of furry friends ready to start the day.

I forget sometimes that they are by nature… pack animals. They love to be with their own kind instinctively.

Instinct is key in our world. You have to accept, embrace, and understand each dogs specific breed instinct. But that big topic is for another day :0)

It is fun to watch our under-socialized guests be reminded they love to be together. Even if it takes a day or two.

Forget coffee! Just a morning with a bunch of happy dogs is all anyone really needs to start their day.

— Just Krista

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