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Our Zoey…Mostly Dog…Part Stinker

The Reynolds Family would not be complete without our own furry family members.


Samantha and Zoey

We currently have two schnoodles in the household. Zoey and Preston. Meet Zoey…

After our Yorkie, Rose passed away, we were not sure if we wanted to stay with the yorkie breed or get something different.We just found out that we were moving to our 6 acres.

We thought a larger breed of dog would be better suited for the move. Our vet had told us about his schnoodles and they peaked our interest.

They are a schnauzer/poodle mix. I know there has been a big “doodle” epidemic the last 5-10 years. Every breed under the sun has been bred with the poodle.We have seen some crazy mixes at the kennel. Beagadoodles, labradoodles, goldensdoodles, cockapoo, morkiepoo, germandoodles, jackapoo, lhasapoo (and my favorite) pekepoo.(sounds a bit nasty :0)  Just to name a few. I know the non-shed factor is the biggest reason, but I have noticed that some breed traits mixed with the poodle are very interesting…and at times conflicting.

Poodles by nature are very people pleasing, obedient, loyal breed. They work hard to gain the affection of their family. They can be very busy and energetic. Of course, they have hair instead of fur.

Schnauzers are stubborn, generally defiant. Super smart. Great hunters and lovers :0) They will “try” to be obedient …only if it doesn’t interrupt their personal agenda.


Zoey trying to sleep

I often see the inner conflict in our Zoey. She clearly is 50/50 in the breed split.

She will catch a smell of a squirrel or bird and is ready to engage in the chase….then I call her back.  The inner poodle surfaces for a moment. I know she wants to do as I ask…but the schnauzer pull is too great. I can see on her face she has two little voices speaking to her. One on each shoulder.

(Angel Poodle Dog) “Zoey, you really want to do what your human mom says. You may get a treat out of this :0)”

(Devil Schnauzer Dog) ” You know you want to attack that animal. The whole neighborhood will think you are soooo cool!!!”

The devil usually wins!

For example:

This is her reaction when I want her to get off my couch.   Zoey likes to sit on the back of my couch. She  is smooshing the top of one of my cushions. It makes me buggy. She knows she is not supposed to be there.

I know we all have dogs that we wonder why we put up with what they do. Scratching walls/doors. Eats food off the table. Chews furniture and clothing. Hides shoes. Digs in the flower beds. Drools on your pants. Runs down the street. Stresses out the cat. Drinks out of the toilet. HAIR EVERYWHERE!!!

I could go on and on and on….but even with all the little buggy things Zoey does, life wouldn’t be the same without her.

–Just Krista

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What is Your Canine Cell Number?

What is Your Canine Cell Number?When I am in public at a dog park, etc., I always find it interesting how people react to our canine friends’ greeting rituals.

A good sniff in all the right places sure takes out all the guesswork for our furry friends to decide if they like someone or not.

Even I get the sniff test on a regular basis, but I am used to it by now. Frankly, I’m almost offended if the new dogs in the kennel don’t “nicely” violate my space.

Just ask my kids: I am always telling them that first impressions are so important. Make sure you dress appropriately. Take care of yourself. Do a good job with your school work and with your sports teams. Look people in the eye. Effort matters!

We all judge people we meet within the first few seconds of the acquaintance.

What are they wearing? What car do they drive? Do they smell like cologne? Hair done? Do they smile or frown? Do they look you in the eye or away? Thick or thin?

Successful or not successful?

Are they like me?

Thirty-three percent of a dog’s brain processes smell. Because all dogs have scent glands, this is a quick resource to understand what this new friend is about: temperament, instincts…even what they ate at their last meal.

A good sniff even calms your dog.

We size people up everyday. Sometimes unjustly.

I wonder what the world would be like if we all had this gift? One good sniff in the right places and we would have the ACTUAL, CORRECT information about a person to make a more calculated judgment call.

I know the world would be a better place. Luckily, I live in a world that most of my acquaintances have the sniff gift.

(SNIFF, SNIFF, SNIFF) It is nice to meet you, too.

Yes, that is my correct cell phone number! :0)

–Just Krista

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