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Yes, We Do Look Like Our Dogs…Sometimes.

I know people say that sometimes their dogs look like their owners. That is true.

They look like famous people too.

Michael Richards as Kramer

Michael Richards as Kramer

Derek and I are Seinfeld fans…in a big way.

Back in the 90’s we would set our evening aside to watch the latest Seinfeld episode. Even now, we watch a Seinfeld to wind down before we go to sleep. That show had some unforgettable characters.

KRAMER…one of our favorites. He just has this look that is very funny and distinctive.

If you believe in reincarnation, It would cross my mind that Kramer came back as Augie, the dog.

Augie...The Adorable.

Augie…The Adorable.

Augie is a labradoodle.

Augie is one of the sweetest animals we take care of…but he clearly is known for his crimped ears and his delightful fuzzy hairdo.

How can you not love that look?!

We love to have Augie around.  He is one of those dogs that run away with your heart. He has some nerve damage in one of his front paws.

He is unable to use that leg.

I find it interesting that dogs really don’t understand the word disability. I am sure it is not in their vocabulary.

He is right out there running with the best of them. If you watch him for a while he honestly doesn’t pay any attention to his front paw.

Dogs simply decide to adjust. I wish we humans could learn that skill. I think if we followed Augies example, we would all be happier.

Adjustment….sometimes it is that easy!

–Just Krista


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