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We were in a Giant Snow Globe

Our northwest snow storm was such a surprise.

Clearly this doesn’t happen to us often…once a year if we are lucky.:0)

People ask us if we keep the dogs in when the weather is “bad”. Nope…we play no matter what the weather.

We just add a few more layers to the several we already have on…and we go out and play.

All weather, is good weather, when it comes to our kennel guests. We actually enjoy the added energy when we have snow on the ground.

You could tell some of our dogs had never experienced all this white fluffy stuff. They were like small children wondering if it is okay to touch it.

Guess what everybody…It is okay to get out there and have a ball. (literally)

So we did!

Thanks Taylor for another great video clip…I hope it snows again soon. We had a blast!

–Just Krista

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What!? What is all this white stuff….Just Snow in the Northwest!

It is cold outside but all of our furry friends love it!

What a nice day for some canine friends, dog treats and good ole’ Snow Angels.

With the Winter Olympics about to begin, I think a good blanket of white gets us in the mood.

Although, the only gold circles we see are on the ground in random places.

I love to see my son, Spencer, out there running around with the dogs. He loves to get in some good exercise too.

However, me personally, I’ll leave my running shoes in the closet. Grab a good book….after the dogs are tucked away for dinner of course :0)

Welcome to Oregon, Jack Frost!
If you have a dog…bring it by Reynolds Kennels…we will play with him!

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