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Petunia…or Pig? She Always Made You Smile.

We all have our favorite dogs. Each dog that comes into kennel grabs our hearts.

Meet Petunia!

Petunia, the bulldog, began to stay with us when she was a baby. She always seemed to have a hidden agenda. When it was time to head back into the kennel after play time, She loved to dart the other direction. Petunia loved a good game of canine tag. With that bulldog snout so short, the game usually didn’t last to long.

She would be snorting so loud…concern would actually cross our minds.

We nick named her bulldozer.

She had no problem charging at your legs to try to mow you over. I can say she succeeded to knock me over at least a couple times. I remember we were in the kennel and all of a sudden I’d feel a big WHACK on the back of my calves. My feet shot out from underneath me. All I heard was the sound of my rear end landing on the floor.

Nothing a couple Tylenol couldn’t fix.

Looking her direction,  I am pretty sure she had a smirk on that beautiful flat face! The game of tag would begin again.

During the summer months, if we had a marshmallow roast while Petunia was a guest, it was not uncommon for my kids to leash her up and have her join us by the campfire.

After all, she looked like a big sweet marshmallow too. (Jumbo size :0)

Petunia passed away a couple years ago. They still aren’t sure why. Her family was a wonderful fit for her and I know they miss her.

Petunia was only a here for a few short years, but the amount of time she was with us, really doesn’t matter…

She is still unforgettable.

–Just Krista

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